The Next New Tailgating Game?

The Next New Tailgating Game?

Have you ever played Cornhole? Or Ladder Ball? What if you were to make a hybrid of the two? Oh yea, and let’s make it super portable so that it’s easy to take to a tailgate, the beach, or a friends BBQ. Well, Creative Brainworks LLC seems to have created this game. They call it Bean Bag Bucketz, and it looks like it could be the next staple of backyard party games.


The concept is fairly simple. A tripod with 7 buckets sits in the middle of 2 or more players. Each bucket has a set amount of points depending on the height. Each team gets 8 bean bags to throw into the buckets for points. Points cancel out so that only 1 team scores per round. First to 21 wins.

While it’s still in it’s kickstarter stage, this game looks to be the next big tailgating phenomenon! Be sure to pay a visit to their kickstarter!

What are your thoughts?