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20 Words That Have Evolved Because of Technology


As many other aspects of human life, language is an ever-evolving one, always adapting to our new tools, habits and purposes. So then if you had a time machine and took an erudite person from hundreds of years ago, they might be able to identify most of the words or at least to deduce the way they were constructed, but a lot of common words might have lost their sense. And is it concerning that actually it doesn’t have to be a person from hundreds of years ago? I mean there can be such discrepancies even with an individual who has only lived up to the 90s, which is two decades ago. I, personally, would say that it’s actually only an exaggeration, since the old meaning of the words isn’t erased, we just add most of the times a second meaning to it, a technological one.

(Source: Fullpunch)

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