This Brings Sleeping on the Job to a New Level

This Brings Sleeping on the Job to a New Level

This incredible napping desk is the office furniture of your dreams.

A Greek company is releasing a desk with a build in napping spot underneath. Complete with a small mattress, pillow, and even a small monitor for maybe a quick show before bed! The bed is designed so that you can pull open the bottom of your desk and simply lay down lengthwise. The small end of the desk folds down as a place to hold your pillow so you can adjust the height for how your head rests!


When you’re all done (or when the boss is coming) you can fold up all the sides and it looks like a completely regular desk! This also helps for if you’re desks are back to back with a colleague and you don’t want to get kicked in the side while napping!


As great as this desk is, I’m sure a lot of managers out there think it’s a terrible idea. But if you have a company where late nights are frequent this desk might save people some time so they can skip their commute on those long nights/early mornings! It’s a win/win for everyone!

What are your thoughts?