McDonalds Has Some Unique Items From Around the World!

McDonalds Has Some Unique Items From Around the World!

Check out the top 10 unique McDonalds menu items!

1. Black and White Ying Yang Burgers – China and Hong Kong

The black burger includes mashed potatoes, black truffle sauce, bacon, lettuce and two meat patties. On the other hand the white comes with mashed potatoes, pepper mushroom sauce, bacon and a fried chicken patty.

2. Das Nϋrnburger – Germany

You can’t say that doesn’t look amazing. It’s like if a stoned German kid snuck in after their parents were asleep and made a sandwich of all the delicious leftovers. Bratwurst chicken sausages and a lemon chicken filet along with Emmental cheese, sauerkraut and dill mustard in a hearty country-style split bun is all included in this delicious sandwich.

3. Bulgogi Burger and Honey Butter French Fries – South Korea

Bulgogi literally translates to “fire meat”. That’s right, a spicy burger! The burger is made from a meat patty marinated in Bulgogi sauce. They know sometimes a little too much spice can kill a meal, so they’ve added Honey Butter Fries, which are pretty self explanatory. Golden fries laden with honey and rich butter to make sure to put that fire in your mouth out!

4. Teriyaki Mac – Japan

This burger includes a meat patty grilled with a coating of sweet and sour teriyaki sauce. While it may be a little less creative as some of the others on this list, always remember KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

5. McSpaghetti and McRice – Philippines and Singapore

The McSpaghetti is basically what you would imagine, some spaghetti in a rich tomato sauce, nothing outlandish, but not expected of a fast food restaurant. But on the other side of the menu, we have to remember that Filipinos love their rice and they love it crispy, so McDonald’s came up with a rice burger for them. Replacing buns with crispy rice cakes with a chunky piece of chicken in between.

6. McMolletes – Mexico

The only breakfast item we’re going to put on this list, Inspired by southern Mexican cuisine, McMolletes are thin toasted slices of McMuffin, topped with fried beans, cheese and pico de gallo.

7. George Pies – New Zealand

While it may look like a pot pie who had to much to drink, these pies are available in three flavors- Steak Mince ‘N’ Cheese, Butter Chicken, and Plum ‘N’ Custard.

8. Bubur Ayam – Malaysia, Indonesia

This Malaysian comfort food that is offered in Malaysia and Indonesia includes rice porridge with shreds of boiled chicken and vegetables and is a fan favorite with kids and adults. Good luck trying to get your children to pick that over chicken nuggets.

9. Crispy Onion Rings and Cheese Puffs – Turkey

The cheese puffs are shaped liked ‘samosas’, which are claimed to have originated in the Middle East itself, where they were originally called ‘sambosa’.

10. Parmigiano Reggiano – Italy

Yes, Italy loves it’s cheese, so McDonalds hopped on that wagon and decided to start producing it’s own Parmesan cheese. You can only buy this slap of cheese, made with pure cow milk, only in Italy. I also heard a rumor that they offer Spinach and Parm Cheese stuffed Chicken Nuggets!

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