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24 Kids Who Are Adorably Bad At Playing Hide And Seek


First basic rule of hide and seek? You gotta be behind or underneath something to cover up the seeker’s vision. However there’s one rule that you probably only get to learn once you grow up a bit and have a minimal sense of logic. And that would be the fact that you can’t rely on someone not seeing you just because you’re not able to see them. But never mind all that technical stuff! Here, let me just go under this rug, I’ll hide here. Of course, there’s a chance I might not fit entirely and parts of me will still be visible, but I’ve seen them do it in cartoons plenty of times so it’s gotta work somehow, right? And actually why wouldn’t I fit? I’ve once seen a cartoon character hide a whole giraffe under a tiny rock!

(Source: Cavemancircus)

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